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Crisis Crunch – Demo in progress (I)

Today we start a new section on the blog: demo in progress. As we told you before, although we didn’t make the crowdfunding some media and some people were interested in our work so… we would like to tell you about how is it going with the demo development.

At this time, all the animations of the leading roles are ready, as long as the NCP that will appear on the demo. You will like them! This we show you is a waiter at Starbugs (so clean and trustworthy). You shoudn’t mess with him…

Crisis Crunch - Character: Starbugs' waiter

Patricia and Diego are working on correcting a few scenes. Some of them are exclusive for the demo. We’ve just added a new member to the team, Rubén, to help us with this thing. Everything must be perfect.

We are also working on the menus: the main menu (just fot the demo) and the menu to select the characters. You can’t do anything without them! At the same time Dani is working on different interfaces and deciding with Diego about them and the typefaces. They are trying to set the priorities about the workflow.

As you see, this are just the first steps but we are doing them carefully.

PD: Next time we’ll write about Therefore.

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