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Crisis Crunch - Adventure game
Therefore - Adventure game
Crisis Crunch - Adventure game
Concept trailer
About Crisis Crunch
Crisis Crunch - Screenshot: Stevie and his martini
Crisis Crunch - Screenshot: Pleasant smell
Crisis Crunch - Screenshot: Do you have some chips?
Crisis Crunch - Lucas Feri, Malebolge's President
Crisis Crunch - Screenshot: Too dirty!
Crisis Crunch - Screenshot: In-game interface
Crisis Crunch - Screenshot
Crisis Crunch - Screenshot: Starbugs' executive's area
Crisis Crunch - Screenshot: Malebolge's reception
Crisis Crunch - Screenshot: Malebolge's reception
Crisis Crunch - Screenshot: Main Menu scenery
Crisis Crunch - Screenshot
Crisis Crunch - Screenshot: Where does this door lead?
Crisis Crunch - Screenshot
Meet the "Crunch Bunch"

When losers stick together nothing is impossible. Guy Guatamez, professional intern and his mates are searching for the way to destroy their job hell-contracts and recover their souls, without which they cannot run away from the crazy chambers of The Malebolge Corporation, the Underworld enterprise of evil, where they are damned to work forever, ¡with no minimum wage!

That’s why the will make a play to sabotage The Eight Departments of Sin from the inside, putting Malebolge's president, Lucas Feri, against the wall. Using their wits and guts and their peculiar abilities, they will try to fulfill this quest.

Laugh of society, laugh of the mass media, laugh of your boss, laugh of celebrities, laugh of yourself, laugh of us too (but not too much)... Whatever!, but laugh! Join the Crunch Bunch and send everything to hell!

  • Point and Click adventure with comic style that forgets about object and inventory mechanics.
  • Use the crazy abilities of eight different characters to make your way through the story, abilities like: caffeine speed, hyper swipe, toxic perfume, blind man super hearing, accountant analyzing, flashing dentition… You have 25 different abilities!
  • Satirical dialogues with 50 bizarre NPC, in which you must manage your companions’ interventions to satisfactory solve the situation.
  • Mini games integrated in the core mechanics.
  • Critical review of modern society, cliché abuse, hooliganism and irony.
Therefore - Adventure game
Concept trailer
About Therefore
Therefore: Title screen
Therefore Concept Demo: Palace's Gardens at dawn
Therefore Concept Demo - Night on Palace's Gardens
Therefore Concept Trailer - Raining on Insouciance
Therefore Concept Demo: Talking to Greatmother Aureen
Therefore Concept Demo: Forge of Essences
Therefore Concept Trailer - Listening to Yawny Bluegaze
Therefore: The young Dreamer
Therefore Concept Demo: The 4 Primevals, The 4 Eternals
Therefore Concept Demo - Night on Palace's Gardens
Therefore Concept Demo: Meditation mode
Therefore Concept Trailer - Insouciance has flourished
What will be your path, Wanderer?

The Wanderer wakes up in the First Realm, he finds it fading away, being torn apart and consumed by The Degradation. A spectral form, his only guide, whispers to him: “Save The First Realm”.

But The Wanderer has lost his memories and his voice. The only thing he can do is wander, explore the First Realm in search for answers, about himself, about what is menacing the reality. With no memories and no voice, but with a great power pounding inside him, The Wanderer will soon discover that he is capable of amazing feats.

The Wanderer will be able to extract The Essences, the ideas that shape the reality of the First Realm and its inhabitants, store them and mix them to forge special items that will help him in the adventure, and if something goes wrong, he may use the Memento Mori to reset the day and learn from his mistakes.

But be warned! This day is the last day of The First Realm, The Wanderer must be ready before confronting the End of the Tangle and a lot of paths will open in front of him, a lot of choices. You will be his conscience, the end of this story depends on you. The story about all of us.

  • A pixel-art open world, a vivid realm where time flows and weather changes, with living fauna and flora, a world that refuses to die.
  • Surreal characters and environments. Freedom to explore and to take different paths and choices. Use "The Memento Mori" to reset the day and try again, without losing your items thanks to the use of the "eternal vaults".
  • Sound and music are an essential part of the core mechanics. Lots of musical puzzles and symbolism, where poetry and riddles are a constant.
  • Item crafting mechanic thanks to the "Essences Forge": extract essences from environmental elements around you and use them to create special items.
  • Plot and dialogues with different levels of depth and meaning.
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