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Remembering International Game Day

Maybe it is a far away, but we are sure you would like to know that last November a representation of Trim Tangle went to the library to make an speech about videogames. It was the International Game Day@ your library, organised by the ALA (American Library Association) and we coudn’t let the oportunity pass.

Our companion Diego (helped by David on the technical assistance) showed to the audience some things about what is behind a videogame, what you need to develop them, and some examples of what he was telling.

We think people was happy with the new information we provided to them (they asked some interesting things at the end of the speech) and even the librarians were very excited to have us there. Hope we do something more the next year, even with other indie developers in our city. See you on November 19th.

Charla - Día internacional de los videojuegos

Here you see Diego showing some videogame. Good examples he brought (sorry for the image quality).

Why must you know Trim Tangle?

During last months, our games have been acclaimed in several gaming media: blogs, magazines… A great example was this entry published on IGN Spain by Nivel Oculto:

Here we do a summary of them for both games:


We have the scripts, we have the characters designs, we have some scenarios… Even we have a good team. What is missing for starting to develop our games Therefore and Crisis Crunch for real? You got it: the money ;)

The time has come to start the crowdfunding campaign. To make our dreams come true we need your help. In the next weeks you’ll see more information about this topic, where and how to collaborate and the rewards you could obtain for your support. And before all that, we will show you a pair of videos where you could see how the games will be.

More news very soon.

Trim Tangle on the social media

Congratulations, fans of Trim Tangle. We are finally on the social media. There you will find exclusive information about our two ongoing projects: Crisis Crunch and Therefore.

To begin with, you can take a look at our different pages on Facebook: Trim Tangle, Therefore and Crisis Crunch. Go there and comment everything you like. We will be glad to answer all of your questions.

Crisis Crunch Facebook Page

Do you prefer a more dynamic media? Don’t worry. We’ve create a Twitter account (@trimtangle) just for you all that can’t wait to know the most recent improvements in our projects. We will also retweet some interesting news about the indie games world.

Trim Tangle Twitter Page

At last, but not least, our Youtube channel. Beware: on the next weeks we will post some videos of our videogames. But shhhh, I can say no more.

Trim Tangle, Innovation Award in Designing Future Forum

Designing Future is an unique event in Europe, a participating forum where you can expose enterprising projects in the face of a specialized public ready to listen you. The last 28th of November, was held the second edition in Hotel AC, in A Coruña. This time, it was shown more than 60 projects including us. We went to present Trim Tangle and the two videogames in which we are working at the moment: Therefore and Crisis Crunch.

After an interesting day of networking, conferences and roundtables, the DF awards gala started, where we received the Innovation Award, one of the four awards that they granted. We are grateful for this recognition to our work, this pushes us to continue stronger.

Thank you!

Trim Tangle launches website

We are happy to announce the launch of Trim Tangle new website. Here you will find information about who we are, what we do, and where you can find us. We will publish some posts about the latest news and videos related with our videogames, as well as the advances in the projects that we currently have in our hands: Therefore and Crisis Crunch.

We hope you enjoy our work and we encourage you to follow us in the web. Suggestions are welcome!

Welcome to the tangle!

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