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Crisis Crunch on the media

Here it is a summary of some reviews that gaming media has published about Crisis Crunch:

IGN España
“It remind us to the classic Maniac Mansion. Keep an eye out for the old blind because it could be a classic”

“An old school point and click videogame adventure”

Start videojuegos
“Crisis Crunch seems a lovely tribute to those Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island. An innovative and fresh proposal inside adventure videogames. A dream on crisis times””

“A troupe of good people with many talent. Spectacular soundtrack. Crisis Crunch, where laugh is the medicine to everyday and socioeconomic troubles that beat our tragic times”

Nivel oculto
“Humor and desire to be a teaser with the current social situation are always welcome”

Consola y tablero
“Original cartoony aesthetic. It has tons of humor”

“A very revolutionary inventory system. It is so risky that it would be a pity if it would be unnoticed”

Game Crimes
“Satiric and very cartoony point and click adventure”

Wraithkal Indie Gaming
“How about some cartoony visuals, goofy humor along with a bunch of violent interactions?”

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