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Starbugs kitchen
Starbugs kitchen

Crisis Crunch scenarios:

Starbugs kitchen screenshot.

Intro cinematics sneak peek

#CrisisCrunch Interactive paper-like intro cinematics - sneak peek.

Title screen
Title screen
Cinematic sneak peek

A sneak-peek at the kind of cinematics we are doing.

Charon and the metaprojector
Charon and the holoprojector

Charon tip us on how to sabotage Malebolge corp. from his metacrystal prison using the metaprojector and its slides as a quest log.

(snippet from work in progress cinematics)

Being observed
Being observed

They are always being watched.

Zen Therapy

Her methods are not quite orthodox. Lucky for us, she's a better companion than a therapist. And her mental/mystic abilities will prove useful.

Metacrystal obtained
Metacrystal obtained

The metacrystal and the metaprojector: 2 indispensable items to receive instructions from Charon on how to sabotage the 8 Departments of sin.

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