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Electricity reaction

Testing reactions before adding the new FX.

Troublerone's snack menu.

Using Troublerone's snack menu, Guy can unlock new abilities. And the first coin is also used to reanimate Troublerone.

Doctor Franken (animation test I)

She works on R+D for the Wraith Department in "War Weapons". And has innovative ideas of destruction.

Kuam Jo-Gurt, Head of Wraith Department. (animation test I)

She really likes violent toys.

President Jose Luis Rajznarok- Head of Sloth department (testing animations)

He is in charge of both a mortal government and a hell department. But he has time for everything, even for a nap. 

New Lost and Found window
Lost and Found window
Revising art of Lost and Found Labyrinth part IV
Labyrinth sarcophagus revised
Basement Hall revised
Still revising the art of Lost and Found Laberynth part III
Revised Labyrinth river
Dondo E- Area boxes.jpg
Door to the basement
Door to the basement

Another big hellish door to the deepest basement.

Labyrinth Area 2
Murder scene
Labyrinth Area 2

Revising the the art of the Lost and Found Labyrinth part II

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