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Melebolge's reception background revisited
Melebolge's reception background revisited
Malebolge's villians compilation (PART III)
Concept Art - Head of Lie Department: Adolf Holder
Concept Art - Head of Treason department: President Lucas Feri
Streaper traying to escape from Snott Frogg's mojo
Streaper traying to escape fron Snott Frogg's mojo

And that is hell!

Talking with Stevie

What a cheeky character!

Malebolge's villians compilation (PART II)
Concept Art - Head of Wraith Department: General Kuam Jo-Gurt
Concept Art - Head of Sloth Department: José Mariano Rajznarok
Concept Art - Head of Pride Department: Monsignore Rottinger Barely
Concept Art - Head of Indiscretion Department: Quark Tinkerbell
Streaper trying to escape from Snott Frogg's mojo.
Streaper trying to escape from Snott Frogg's mojo.

Hell indeed.

Snott Frogg pre-alpha animation
Snott Frogg pre-alpha animation

A superstar with a magnetic mojo.

Head of Lust Department.

Malebolge's villian compilation (PART I)
Concept Art - Head of Envy Department: Madrid Milton
Concept Art - Head of Greed Department: Herr Douchwein Banks
Concept Art - Head of Lust Department: Snot Frogg
Concept Art - Head of Gluttony Department: Dogna Omerta Comilone

Working at the Lust Party.

Tax Leech.
Tax Leech.

Su mayor placer es encontrar irregularidades en las declaraciones de ls empresas infernales y hacer requerimientos.

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