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Therefore, the beauty of oniric at an adventure full of messages
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Do you imagine starting from scratch in an unknown world, without memory and voice?

At Therefore you will be The Walker who arrive to the First Kingdom, a surrealistic and outlandish place near to the middle of the realities of The Tangle. The Kingdom of Kingdoms, a kingdom which is near death.

You have to become into the hero who save it from The Degradation, a weird force that manipulate all and makes collapse everything around you. It won´t be easy because you don´t remember anything, you can´t talk and you are scarcely aware of your power.

Your mision will be undoing injustices, revealing puzzles, learning from yourself (as a player and Walker), meeting The Kingdom residents and choosing one of the multiple ways to save the world which is on the edge looking into the abyss, if you can.

To reach it you will have ancient allies who will help you to remember the weird skills that beat inside you, like combining The Essences which are part of the world that is around you to create millenary objects or beginning the day again and re-starting the working day.

Therefore presents a beautiful and surrealistic atmosphere, where metaphoric and fabulous guard messages which connects videogame world with poetry, philosophy, mythology, music and theatre.

Which way will you take, Walker?

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