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Crisis Crunch, social criticism
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Crisis Crunch is a social criticism against actual problems. This videogame mix comic book appearance with a wild and intelligent script, which has no mercy with the current social outlook. Combining this characteristics the player feels a bond with the main character: Guy Guatamez.

Guy Guatamez, professional intern, is a labour outcast who has fallen into the unemployment. After seen a weird announcement on the newspaper he attends to an interview at Malebolge Corp, a mysterious organization in which he will find a job. That is how Guy ends working at a hell’s corporation, at the delivery department. He gives his soul in exchange so he will have to work for the eternity at the underworld, unable to escape from there, taking part of the 5 percent of human personal, demanded by the union. One day he meets Troubleron, a mysterious demon who has been cursed. Troublerone wants to finish with Lucas Feri, president of the corp, for having housebound his soul in a coffee and snacks vending machine. By this matter Troublerone gives enough reasons, a plan and skills to Guy that will let him defeat the Prince of speculators.

The success of the plan depends on the recruitment of the unhappy humans and sabotage the sin’s departments from the inside. In this adventure, the player have to combine the crazy skills of the characters (accounting super vision, teeth whitening, caffeine acceleration) to resolve puzzles and challenges. Up to 25 different skills.

Crisis Crunch‘s game mechanics replace the typical use of inventory and objects making it more dynamic and fluid, giving importance to the interaction. All this via funny dialogues which makes a sarcastic broad review of current economic, politic an audiovisual matters.

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