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Therefore on the media

Here it is a summary of some reviews that gaming media has published about Therefore:

Indie Game Mag
“Weave in a Wasted World”

IGN España
” At the vanguard of the present modern videogames”

Indie Retro News
“The concept is intriguing, the music and scenery is beautiful, and the graphics are very old-school”

Nivel Oculto
“It is a proposal with philosophical moods and a gorgeous pixelart that reminds us to that beautiful thing called Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery”

Kill Screen
“Therefore promises “interactive philosophy”, dreamy pixel art. What’s initially so captivating is how the music and art style blends together”

Geeky Juegos
“Adventure game with a living nature and that is willing to change our vision of this genre of videogames”
“Instrumental music with a great artistic quality”

“A very attractive pixel art and, above all, beautiful soundtrack”

Start Videojuegos
“Therefore reminds Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP”

Game Crimes
“Imagine getting beautiful pixel art, a bit of the script of Bastion and the moody ideas behind Fez and melting it together”

“The pixel art is incredibly detailed and presents a lush, otherworldly locale”

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