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Crisis Crunch characters
Crisis Crunch characters


New character swap interface concept
Character swap interface
Pompom (Test)

Madrid Milton's pet. He is cute son of b****ch, careful with his tiny piranha teeth. (Animation test)

Madrid Milton (Test)

Head of Envy Department, likes design, fashion, and drink on VIP zones. Maybe she must be more careful about what she drinks.

(animation testing)

Crisis Crunch: The Jobcutter (animation test)

Famous terror movie character on earth, sex-symbol on Hell,  adored by the masses, feared by workers.


Briefcase menu testing

Using the briefcase menu, you can inspect documents you acquire for visual clues that helps you solve the ordeals of Malebolge.

Crisis Crunch: Productor de Gran Fulano (animation test)

Sometime a great infernal show like Big Bother needs a zombie that "moans" everything in order, but carefully with office chairs can be treacherous. Hehehe. But luckily for him,  he is agile for a ghoul.

Crisis Crunch: Is hard to be Instagrumper and model (test)

She was calling by the Envy Department to do a photo session and interview for one of the mortal magazines they control.  But she is going to suffer a little inconvenience.

And the Bunch has nothing to do with it! How dare you!

Crisis Crunch: Andy Gorgon (animation test)

She is one of the most famous photographer and designers of the Underworld. Her work "aSTONEished2 you!


Don't you get it?

Bah! You are not funny!

Crisis Crunch: Hell Racoon (animation test)

Hell pests. They are as evil as they are cute.

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