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Pambie's mother!

You monsters!

Pambie's mother?
Pambie's mother!
Perro ladra

You better don't wake him up.

Trying pin points, test 2

Another test of pin points (pressing SPACEBAR let you see interactive items around) and also testing tips menu emergence.

Scenery Transition: Double click

Testing transitions: Okay! Double click to navigate between scenes is always welcome.

Scenery transition cursor

Testing transitions: We have a new exit cursor.

Testing interaction pin points

Aside from cursor feedback, whenever you press SPACEBAR key you'll see the interaction points available. Still testing. :)

Interaction markers prototype
Interaction markers prototype

Aside from cursor feedback we are implementing interaction markers. In game while you press SPACEBAR key you'll see some pins, red ones for interaction hotspots, orange ones to mark exits. Still thinking about some details, though.


Menu to Profiles (test)

Testing #CrisisCrunch profile menu: You can also access to the profile menu from the main menu scenario and change to another profile anytime.

Intro: Profiles (test)

We are currently testing the profiles menu in Crisis Crunch, it opens once you enter the game. Each player can have its own profile with their own settings and savegames.

Satanasius Roastedchild (anim. test)

Archdemon of Evil. One of the three (giant) rulers of hell and first corporation shareholder in the past. Our ally or our enemy? A card game can decide many things.

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