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Nurse (anim. test)

It's hard the life of a nurse in a weight loss clinic. Always thinking about where to hide you lunch.

Party animal (anim. test)

There are people who never have enough party. Luckily one of our characters has an ideal ability to "cure" hangovers.

Adolf Holder (anim.test)

Yes, he probably looks familiar. It's good to have a relatable face when you work on the personnel department of a corporation in hell.

CEO (anim.test)

The CEO of a tech startup. We'll have to mess with him and his last invention. Anything for the cause.

Pervert baboon (anim.test)

In the exotic gardens of Plainboy mansion we'll find atypical fauna.

Sailor (anim. test)

This neat sailor is part of a cruise crew. How will we end there? Who knows.

Lucas Feri (anim. test)

Archdemon of Ambition. One of the three (giant) rulers of hell and actual president of Malebolge corp. He has the bunch's soul contracts. Should you retrieve them or maybe accept an offer? A card game can decide many things.

Chubby patient (anim. test)

This chubby  fellow, will help us a lot. He is a little too enthusiastic and a little too clumsy for his own good.

Charon (anim. test)

Charon the gatekeeper is trapped in stasis to charge the five doors to hell.  He will be one of our guides in our crazy journey through Malebolge corp. from certain part of the story. In return, he will want us to free him.

Extras Gallery: secuencias(test)

We put some retro film icons to the sequences gallery in Extras menu.

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