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Revising art of Lost and Found Labyrinth part IV
Labyrinth sarcophagus revised
Basement Hall revised
Still revising the art of Lost and Found Laberynth part III
Revised Labyrinth river
Dondo E- Area boxes.jpg
Door to the basement
Door to the basement

Another big hellish door to the deepest basement.

Labyrinth Area 2
Murder scene
Labyrinth Area 2

Revising the the art of the Lost and Found Labyrinth part II

Toy Robot Emily (test animations)

She is a play mate, an assistant, but also a destroyer of worlds.

Witch administrative Samantha -testing animations-

It's easy to do your job if you use magic. And even more as an administrative in the Sloth Department.

FX test for Crisis Crunch II

Some particles tests.

Stevie's animations revised

Due to our new pathfinding structure we had to change the width of Stevie's sprites and add some other changes. Now Tubby and Stevie walk closer together as the good friends they are.

Stevie wants to intervine

From time to time some companions will want to intervine in a conversation and that could make the difference, if you have the correct companion with you, that is. We are actually testing and controlling these interventions. What would happen if we  click on the exclamation mark?

FX test for Crisis Crunch I

Testing some FX particles for Crisis Crunch.

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