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Sounds of the woods

Sound and music postproduction for the Charred Woods area.

Sound of Emporium

Sound and music postproduction for the mysterious Emporium of Wonders.

Death in the woods

If you go to cross these charred woods be careful, it's Stern Dunbeast territory. He can appear anywhere. Forge relics to avoid him or to put him down, or wait until he is asleep. If not, suffer the consequences.

Give us our heads

Ghosts are haunting me! Oh... wait!

I sense a presence
Deep Beat meditation

First meditation tryout on the Deep Beat.

Curious thought
Masked reflection.jpg

That's a... curious thought, dear Peddler.

The Deep Beat first walk
Therefore's demo review by

Hello! We are glad to announce you that people from Lawod have published an excellent review of Therefore's playable demo. We encourage you to read it, here is the link:

Different ways of traveling

The dark tunnels are, alongside the teleport beacons, one way of traveling. But there are more ways of transportation. Discover them to better manage your time before midnight comes.

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