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Hombre Fotolito
Graphic Designer | Character Designer
Projects:Crisis Crunch

What would happen if you mix the attitude of John Wayne, the good weave of Shaggy from Scooby-Doo and the artistic perception of Andy Warhol? Easy, you will got “Hombre Fotolito”. He is a graphic and artistic creator, graphic animator, letterer, poster artist and printing expert and he is known in artistic circles by this name.

He has no fear of proving new things and is a trusty partner. If you ask him about help you out in a bizarre project he will look at you calmly, he will take a sip of his Whisky Dry and he will say: When we start?

As his secret identity: Daniel Gutiérrez, he has studied DGAC (Digital Graphic and Artistic Creation), also Graphic Design and Typographic Creation, and has worked as designer in marketing and communication companies, design studios and printing enterprises. He loves graphic arts, audiovisuals and video games.

Paradoxically, behind his cowboy look hides a sensible heart which despairs when see consumerist behavior and he tries to change this from the inside in his job, you could see a feeble shivering in his eyes when he is surrounded by “ capitalistic nonsense” (Sales, Black Fridays..). We love him anyway.

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