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Rubén Carral
Projects:Crisis Crunch

For those who have experienced his work, is evident that Rubén is always trying to capture the sense of wonder and adventure. Using both digital and traditional techniques, Rubén introduces to us his heroines in the looks of vagrants, magicians, scientists, artists and warriors who travels trough vast regions of fantasy and surrealism, real alien worlds.

These girls travel trough this lands in loneliness but, at the same time, in communion with them. For him, each artwork is a narration, an illustrated heartbeat guiding the spectator to a different kingdom, full of experiences.

He studied illustration, and worked for several editorial companies of children books, but he always wanted the opportunity of creating new living worlds through concept art, background and map design... And we answered his call.

Ruben is a 90's gamer, not too fussy, he likes all kind of games, but he has a weakness for rpg, platform games, fighting games and adventures... he confesses to be a bit "otaku" and has predilection for electronic music.

He is fascinated for extraterrestrial themes including outer space and foreign realities, maybe that's the reason why he prefers sci-fi and fantasy genres.

Rubén is actually our guide trough the crazy and eccentric Underworld realm of Crisis Crunch, project in which he has focused intensely. He is also part of the team working on the the future web app Talespire as illustrator. With that capacity of his to create doors of chalk and brush-strokes to other universes he is always capable of taking us with him in his journeys.

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