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Therefore - Memento Mori: Fast Forward

In Therefore there are paths that we can just go across at some moments of the day, objects that we can only interact with at some hour or characters that will change their place or hide during some periods of the day. This will force us to explore several times the same scenarios at different moments. Remember that the day pass in a natural way and that unfortunately we are in the last day of existence, so it won't be a tomorrow if we don't save the First Realm. It would be impossible to achieve if it weren't for the "Memento Mori", the Wanderer's power that allow to play with the passage of time. Thanks to it, we will be able not only to back to the beginning of the day when we want, but also it will make our purpose easier allowing us to accelerate the time and go in an instant from the dawn to the midday, the dusk or the night.

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