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Therefore - Memento Mori: Back to the begining

In Therefore we have just one day to save the First Realm from its destruction, but it will be so much that we have to accomplish that it would be impossible if it weren't for one the greatest powers of the Wanderer. One called the "Memento Mori" that allow us to go back to the beginning of the day when we desire it. But be careful, everything will return to its initial state, everything that we had changed or done during the day will be lost and the characters won't remember anything from previous attempts. Everything except the objects we had in our ethereal bag (the inventory) or inside the Eternal Vaults. Also all the essences we had extracted and had in our essences inventory. That will be the key to take shortcuts on every attempt and to get closer and closer to the final porpose, to save the First Realm.

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