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Nicolás Ibáñez
Game Programmer | Web Programmer | 2D & FX Designer

He has the quickest fingers in town. We call him “Speedy Ibañez” and his capacity of work and organization is legendary in the Nexus. He loves video games, indie and retro games are his thing, being graphic adventures his preferred gender. He's also an enthusiast of science fiction, especially sci-fi movies. He enjoys reading science books and topics like quantum physics and string theory. Isaac Asimov, Carl Sagan and Nikola Tesla are some of his idols.

He studied Computer Engineering specialized in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Systems. He worked as Annalist, Systems Programmer and Web Programmer with big companies, as for example, Inditex.

Nico has an outstanding initiative and seems not to know what risk or challenge means, if he wants to do it he will do it, as simple as that. We have to recognise it, not other sane programmer will follow this team to experimental interactive trips of no return, none but Nico Ibañez.

If we are Icarus, crazy enough to fly near to the sun, Nico is our wings, and he doesn´t seem to be scared of melting down, neither do us. We know that in his hands we will enjoy a comfortable flight.

Simultaneously to Project Therefore Nico is working in other interactive projects that for sure will make some noise.

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