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Santi Martín
concept artist | Background artist | GRAPHIC DESIGNER
Projects:Crisis Crunch

Santi's true passion is to create worlds full of color that tell a story by observing them. In his job, his priority is to create coherent content that satisfies himself and others.

His career has been closely linked to creation since the beginning: He studied Design, was a digital illustrator in the field of E-Learning, and owns a 3D printing and design company, however, his true passion is concept-art and digital art, a task in which he dives in with an open mind and giving spirit, always surprising us with his interesting contributions.

He is passionate about videogames, especially those with stylized aesthetics, a good story, or revolutionary and entertaining mechanics.Nowadays, Santi works as a background artist on Crisis Crunch, helping us materialize each of the mysterious nooks and crannies of the evil hell company.

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