Crisis Crunch – Demo in progress (III)

Hi all! Here we go again. Did you miss us? Of course you did. You must know we are working hard and that’s the reason we didn’t show up lately. Well, you are going to tell us now that we are saying everytime the same thing. It is true, we can’t lie to you. So we will repeat it again: WE ARE WORKING HARD. A demo is this and an indie development it is so long…

As you can see, now there are new scenarios and animations. We are assembling characters and interactions and we have finished the dialog system (at last!). We have also many effects as the one we show above, or even the one bellow.

Although there is no music in those clips, we can tell you we have 4 themes (in their beta mode) and every sound needed is in our power. Next step, the world!

Crisis Crunch – Demo in progress (II) and Mallorca Game

We are still perfecting some aspects of the game for the demo, as long as we develop others. For example, we are working on the walktroughs and different options of animations. We are revising some interfaces too. That implies efforts from all the Crisis Crunch team to make this changes consistents with the whole.
It’s taking many time to adjust the dialogues. On the one hand we are constantly looking over the writing. Crisis Crunch is a game where jokes and word games are very important. Every line is got to be perfectly written. On the other hand our programmer David is working on the dialogues system. It implies some options as: changing the character during the conversation, turning back on the option dialogues, animations while the character is speaking, the selection of options, etc. He is also developing a generic positioning system. Crisis Crunch has a lot of scenes. Every character has to be exactly where he has to depending on the scene and the active characters. Now our system nows it how to do it.

Finally, we are glad to tell you that a few weeks ago we’ve been on the Mallorca Game, a little videogames and media exhibition on Palma de Mallorca. One of our coworkers who lives there, Dani, prepared its little space to show the people our work.


It was a very good experience. Althogh it is not a very big fair, it was a good way to make contacts, meet people, discover new things. Hope next year we could take more advanced work.

Crisis Crunch – Demo in progress (I)

Today we start a new section on the blog: demo in progress. As we told you before, although we didn’t make the crowdfunding some media and some people were interested in our work so… we would like to tell you about how is it going with the demo development 😉

At this time, all the animations of the leading roles are ready, as long as the NCP that will appear on the demo. You will like them! This we show you is a waiter at Starbugs (so clean and trustworthy). You shoudn’t mess with him…


Patricia and Diego are working on correcting a few scenes. Some of them are exclusive for the demo. We’ve just added a new member to the team, Rubén, to help us with this thing. Everything must be perfect.

We are also working on the menus: the main menu (just fot the demo) and the menu to select the characters. You can’t do anything without them! At the same time Dani is working on different interfaces and deciding with Diego about them and the typefaces. They are trying to set the priorities about the workflow.

As you see, this are just the first steps but we are doing them carefully.

PD: Next time we’ll write about Therefore.

Crisis Crunch on the media

Here it is a summary of some reviews that gaming media has published about Crisis Crunch:

IGN España
“It remind us to the classic Maniac Mansion. Keep an eye out for the old blind because it could be a classic”

“An old school point and click videogame adventure”

Start videojuegos
“Crisis Crunch seems a lovely tribute to those Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island. An innovative and fresh proposal inside adventure videogames. A dream on crisis times””

“A troupe of good people with many talent. Spectacular soundtrack. Crisis Crunch, where laugh is the medicine to everyday and socioeconomic troubles that beat our tragic times”

Nivel oculto
“Humor and desire to be a teaser with the current social situation are always welcome”

Consola y tablero
“Original cartoony aesthetic. It has tons of humor”

“A very revolutionary inventory system. It is so risky that it would be a pity if it would be unnoticed”

Game Crimes
“Satiric and very cartoony point and click adventure”

Wraithkal Indie Gaming
“How about some cartoony visuals, goofy humor along with a bunch of violent interactions?”

Crisis Crunch crowdfunding campaign ends

The Indiegogo campaign for Crisis Crunch has ended. The funding has not been as expected but we received a big surprise due to the community feedback and the media support. In fact, we feel flattered for your comments and good reviews about our game, and even if our campaign has not reached the funding goal we considered it a success in diffusion and community support.

The Nexus collective has been aware of this great reception and realized the potential of the game and it´s contact net has been mobilized immediately in order to support our project (and not only ours), new members have helped us directly and even some of our collaborators entered in the core team as partners, joining forces with us. If something defines Trim Tangle is the ability to lend a hand (lot of hands) when you need it most. We are so proud of our team, of our Nexus companions and of being part of this amazing collective.

Thanks to all this, we can announce that we have all what is needed for the next step: a playable demo, on which we are already started to work while we are studying future funding options. We have learned a lot from this crowdfunding, we would like to make a little article in which we will share this learning with other people who are trying to make their own campaign. Maybe they could learn something from our experience with Indiegogo.

A crowdfunding is a very well known funding method but its management is not easy and there is not a foolproof success formula. There are some facts to have in mind, and you must dedicate time to it and be ready for anything. So, Crisis Crunch leaves Indiegogo for now but resumes its production schedule in order to show, in a few months, a demo, a piece of this adventure, to be, at last, that interactive experience we want to offer to our players.

Thank you very much to the backers who trusted us, we will always appreciate the gesture, also thanks to our project collaborators, Nexus members and contacts and, of course, to the media guys out there, giving an affectionate salutation to Spanish media, you all are superb! This was not an end but a beginning. So we keep up moving, after all, we have nothing to lose. What the hell!

Crunchie Crusade

Crunchie crusade

We are making a crusade. A crusade for those things that pisses us off every day. A Crusade of laughs and sharp pencils glimmering in the night.

Since yesterday until 26th April you can leave a comment in our Facebook event about a social or daily life theme you want to complaint (you can also do it in Twitter through the hashtag #crunchiecrusade). If we like your idea, we will make one of our weekly gags (we call them “crunchies”) related to it and dedicated to you. We will publish the crunchie in all our social media accounts to spread out your complaint everywhere.

The Crunch Bunch is ready to take your orders!

PD: Please, don´t miss the chance to support our crowdfunding campaign in Indiegogo.

Crisis Crunch starts its crowdfunding at Indiegogo

At last we can say that we’ve started Crisis Crunch crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo. If you visit Crisis Crunch Indiegogo page you will see many new information about how to support our game, how the game will be, data about the characters, the crowd and, of course, all the specific rewards for our backers.

Come on, be one of our backers and helps us to make our project true! It just starts with 3$ for the first part of the game.

If you cannot donate, don’t worry friends! You can spread the word! Be our Tangler! You can be the one that connect us to other backers and players. You can share our Indiegogo profile in Facebook, Twitter or Youtube, or you can send our web address to friends and family. You can also support us at Steam Greenlight as a concept.

Crisis Crunch Official Trailer

We are glad to finally announce the first official trailer of Crisis Crunch. It’s been a long waiting since the last post but, you know, it is not always easy to fight with video edition. Hope it worth it and you like. You will have more news very soon because we hope to start the crowdfunding campaign the next week, and there’s also the trailer of Therefore… Keep an eye on this blog!