Remembering International Game Day

Maybe it is a far away, but we are sure you would like to know that last November a representation of Trim Tangle went to the library to make an speech about videogames. It was the International Game Day@ your library, organised by the ALA (American Library Association) and we coudn’t let the oportunity pass.

Our companion Diego (helped by David on the technical assistance) showed to the audience some things about what is behind a videogame, what you need to develop them, and some examples of what he was telling.

We think people was happy with the new information we provided to them (they asked some interesting things at the end of the speech) and even the librarians were very excited to have us there. Hope we do something more the next year, even with other indie developers in our city. See you on November 19th 😉

IMG_20151121_125605 Here you see Diego showing some videogame. Good examples he brought (sorry for the image quality).

Therefore – Demo in progress (II)

Olvidado_Lado DistorsionOlvidado_Lado Asustado DistorsionOlvidado_Frente DistorsionOlvidado_Frente Asustado Distorsion

Therefore is taking so much time of our lives… And everything is son disturbing and strange. We can show you for the moment those criatures. We could call them the forgotten people. Uhhh. Are you scared? I hope so. You wouldn’t like to find them in a dark spot.

We have also finished other characters, one of them so big that you could think of it as if it were a scene (or at last this is what our designer say). The real scenes are in progress. Hope we could show you something of them the next time we post a post.

Finally we can tell you we have the first group of sounds to enrich the game and also the musical theme for the demo. This is going the right way, we know!

Crisis Crunch – Demo in progress (III)

Hi all! Here we go again. Did you miss us? Of course you did. You must know we are working hard and that’s the reason we didn’t show up lately. Well, you are going to tell us now that we are saying everytime the same thing. It is true, we can’t lie to you. So we will repeat it again: WE ARE WORKING HARD. A demo is this and an indie development it is so long…

As you can see, now there are new scenarios and animations. We are assembling characters and interactions and we have finished the dialog system (at last!). We have also many effects as the one we show above, or even the one bellow.

Although there is no music in those clips, we can tell you we have 4 themes (in their beta mode) and every sound needed is in our power. Next step, the world!

Therefore – Haikus

Haiku 1

When we don’t work on Therefore, sometimes we do other things. Occasionally, our colleagues Diego and Rodrigo writes and designs these haikus related with Therefore universe (if you follow us on the social media you must see them yet). They are so dark, with so intricate meaning. I know. You must see beyond all the ordinary things and let your imagination flyes. Hope you like them.

Haiku 2 Haiku 3 Haiku 4 Haiku 5

Crisis Crunch – Demo in progress (II) and Mallorca Game

We are still perfecting some aspects of the game for the demo, as long as we develop others. For example, we are working on the walktroughs and different options of animations. We are revising some interfaces too. That implies efforts from all the Crisis Crunch team to make this changes consistents with the whole.
It’s taking many time to adjust the dialogues. On the one hand we are constantly looking over the writing. Crisis Crunch is a game where jokes and word games are very important. Every line is got to be perfectly written. On the other hand our programmer David is working on the dialogues system. It implies some options as: changing the character during the conversation, turning back on the option dialogues, animations while the character is speaking, the selection of options, etc. He is also developing a generic positioning system. Crisis Crunch has a lot of scenes. Every character has to be exactly where he has to depending on the scene and the active characters. Now our system nows it how to do it.

Finally, we are glad to tell you that a few weeks ago we’ve been on the Mallorca Game, a little videogames and media exhibition on Palma de Mallorca. One of our coworkers who lives there, Dani, prepared its little space to show the people our work.


It was a very good experience. Althogh it is not a very big fair, it was a good way to make contacts, meet people, discover new things. Hope next year we could take more advanced work.

Therefore – Demo in progress (I)

At the moment Therefore team is working on the demo we would like to show you soon. Our design companions, Diego and Rodrigo, are preparing the characters that will appear there, as long as their animations. You can see as an example this festive girl. She is one of the Masters (maybe we should say that she is just a part of them, or… well, better not telling too much).


On this subject, we are also making some concept art of the scenes planned, and designing a few interfaces and cursors. We made some dialogue corrections too (they never end).

On the other hand, our programmer Nicolás is developing three aspects about the internal functioning of the game:

  • The Wanderer movement (very important, the Wanderer is the leading role). There was some troubles walking near the edges of the road. Now we use a Unity tool to control it. We apply a “speed vector” that obeys the keys we press.
  • How to control the cursor on the screen. What it can do, what it can’t do. We can’t let the Wanderer do whatever he pleases 😉
  • The pathfinding, to control the Wanderer movement with the mouse. That refers to how to move our character from a point to another, just clicking on the place we want him to get. It was a difficult thing to make. The Wanderer has to go just through the indicated way, at the same time that he avoids the objects from the scene. We followed some steps to get it perfectly as we wanted:
    • We had to define a group of points from the scene, to get some kind of a grid. The points mark the valid positions of the character. It’s very important to define a maximum distance between them because it helps the search algorithm to calculate the adjacent points and make it works. You can define the grid automatically, but it could carry some problems. If you do it by hand you get very good results on the movement of the character.
    • The Pathfinding uses A* algorithm to stablish the way from a point to another passing through the needed points on the grid. This is the most used algorithm for pathfinding on the videogames world. It always gives you the best solution (the shortest way) and it’s very good on efficiency terms.
    • We move the character progresively through the way or group of points finded by the algorithm. It is as we would join the dots, as the children, to make the shortest way between two points.
    • Nothing more today. Soon you’ll have more news about the game 😉